Ugly BabiesEdit

Ugly Babies were released in 1999 by Tiger Electronics. They are, as the name suggests, Ugly Furbies. In 1999, the Furby Babies line was introduced. Furby Babies are smaller than the original, have higher voices, and cannot dance, but they switch to speaking English more quickly. They also have an extended vocabulary and different "Easter eggs" and "games" built into them. Furby babies come in 24 different colors. All have white eyelashes and one of 5 different eye colors.

These smaller furbys were released with the adults in 1998 and later after a few months in 2005 with a newer, more 05 furby design.

Other VariationsEdit

In 2006, a new version of Furby baby was released, with most notable features being the new look and a more "baby-ish" appearance in contrast to the Emoto-Tronic Furby adult. They also have considerably fewer features than the "adult" Furby, with a very limited vocabulary and a lower level of interactivity. Another notable feature of the 2006 Emoto-Tronic Baby Furby is the movable "legs" which unfurl when cute baby is awake. Although they were a European exclusive, they were sold in the US via the Hasbro Toy Shop website.

Furby Party RockersEdit

On February 14, 2013, Furby Party Rockers were released. Though many fans considered these the furby babies of generation 3.0, the newest alteration of Furby, Furby BOOM!, Can lay eggs on an IOS device, which then hatch into virtual pets known as Furblings. The app was released on August 20, 2013. The furblings have not yet been proven as THE true Babies of Generation 3.0,however, fans agree that Furblings are most likely the closest babies besides Party ip.



in the Ugly lineup of furbys as the most disgusting furby in history.