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Below are all the personalities a Furby 2012 can get.

Default Furby[]

This personality is not usually easy to get. you have to factory reset by holding your furby upside down, and while at that, hold tongue and tail sensor and it should be in the personality [image needed]

Valley Girl Personality[]

Valley Girl eyes

This is the most popular personality yet, and the easiest to get! A very fun, talkative personality that resembles the stereotypes of a valley girl, hence the nickname.

Its logo on the box is a Furby on a green background with a spiral of yellow "Blah"s surrounding Furby!

You can get the valley girl personality by talking a lot around it.

Cute Personality[]

This personality is the sweetest! It likes to sing, which may make new Furby owners mistake it with the Popstar. You get this by petting a lot. Their eyes are big oblongs with a white heart inside the pupil and tiny pixels around the pupils. It's logo is a Furby dressed up like a princess. [image needed]

Crazy Personality[]

This Furby is very crazy and likes to fart and burp a lot. You get this by pulling it's tail or tickling it a lot. The right eye has a big circle, and the left a small one. It's logo is a furby with funny glasses, a nose, and a moustache. [image needed]

Diva Personality[]

This Furby likes to sing and dance. It gets grumpy if you don't feed it. You get this by playing music to it for a long time or tilting it back and forward. It's eyes are almond shaped. It's logo is a Furby with the microphone. [image needed]

Angry Personality  []

This is a very grumpy Furby. It doesn't like petting. You get this by overfeeding and sometimes turning it upside down. It's eyes look like slanted half circles that have hard edges. It's logo is a Furby dressed up like a Viking. [image needed]