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Furby 2012 (Also known as furby 3.0) is the long awaited revival of the Furby series by Tiger. This time instead of Tiger, Hasbro Electronics has taken over full development of the Franchise. Dave Hampton, the creator of Furby 1998Furby Baby 1999, Shelby, and Furby 2005, has no part in the revival, which would mark the first time the Furby was created without his supervision. Furby 2012 was followed by Furby Party Rockers in 2013.


The furby 2012 model released September 16th 2012 in USA. Reception has been very positive, with many critics stating its the best furby yet. On the other hand, many parents who bought the 2012 furby found its personality changes to be too drastic, with cases of their children actually becoming scared of the toy. Other people have also encountered technical problems with the furby, such as refusing to start up, and suddenly switching off. Most of these problems can be fixed by pressing the reset button located inside the battery compartment. There are more troubleshooting tips in Help.


The recommended retail price is almost double what the original furby cost. Many sellers on shopping websites such as may charge up to double the reccomended retail price. The MSRP of Furby in the USA is $59.99, In Canada it's $69.95, and in the UK it's 54 Pounds. When furby was first sold in the USA it's retail value at Walmart and Target was $54.00. Due to the popularity of Furby, many American fans have experienced shortages of Furby at stores Such as Walmart, Target and Kmart. However, Canadian, British, Japanese, etc. Fans have not experienced as many shortages as the US.


Generations are back just like previous Furbys and Furby Friends. Each generation has a focus on 1 general theme and each has about 6-10 colors.

Generation 1: (Color Theme, 10 colors)[]

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Generation 1 introduced the first launch Furbys. Originally launched in September 2012, only the top row and theteal-colored furby on the bottom row were originally available. They are divided into hot and cool sub-categories. Despite, there is no green, there are some drawings of a green Furby on the official website. October saw the release of the final 4 colors (Pink Puff, Green ManPlum Fair and Twilight) of generation 1. In Japan, most of the Furbys of this generation are named after fruits and other foods.

Generation 2: (Color Theme, 11 colors)[]