It's a Furby fest! Targeted at the 4 to 7 age level, Furby: Big Fun in Furbyland offers activities ranging from game playing to personalized Furby design. From the Design-A-Furby screen, you can create an adult or baby Furby, change its colors (paintbrush) and patterns (eyes, feet, ears, mane, and fur) and give it a name. 

Once designed, your Furby enters Furby's Clubhouse where several interactive options await. The clubhouse contains a cupboard with seven items (flashlight, comb, feather, sleep mask, milk, cookies, and candy), radio (various types of music), changeable (color) walls, and ceiling and window (outside view of day, night, sunset, or storm). Also provided is a camera option for taking screenshots (printable), a portrait (another chance to change the Furby's color patterns), and a scrapbook. 

Furby: Big Fun in Furbyland contains four games. The first is In the Clouds, a game in which Furby flies through the sky, gathering food and gems and avoiding obstacles. The goal is to navigate through five levels to reach the Furby banquet. The game has bonus levels for picking up extra points, special items (balloons and flowers) that make the journey easier and a health bar.

In Furby Fest, you sort groups of Furbys into roller coaster cars using five different criteria. These five levels of play include sorting by identical group, manes and ears, fur, eyes and manes, and finally by eye color. A clock counts down during the activity and if the Furbys are not sorted correctly within the time limit, the roller coaster leaves without them.

Another timed game is Furby to the Rescue. In this Pac-Man-type maze, you must help an adult Furby rescue a baby Furby on each of five levels and capture a golden key using point-and-click or keyboard directional arrow keys. As in the cloud game, you'll meet obstacles and pick up special items as you navigate the maze. 

The goal of Club Furby is to keep your character dancing by clicking on four colored disco balls in the same order as the colors appear on a large disco ball suspended from the "club" ceiling. Each of the five levels increases in difficulty by picking up speed. As with the other games, after each is completed your final score, if high enough, will be entered in a top ten list of scores for that particular game. 

Rounding out Furby: Big Fun in Furbyland is the scrapbook that contains a complete guide of how the Furby phenomena developed, guides that translate Furbish to English and vice versa, coloring pages, and photographs. 


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  • Join Furby in five games and activities
  • Take Furby dancing, through a maze, and soar through the skies
  • Create and personalize your very own Furby